Things Not To Do When Living in Goa India

Things Not To

Things Not To Do When Living in Goa India. It is highly important to understand the basic rules in a place before going there more importantly for a living. Foreigners are often facing difficult situations due to the lack of knowledge of the things. To do and not to do in the new place they are living or even just staying for a while. The state of Goa on the southwestern coast of India is a beautiful place to stay either for a short time or even for years. The place is different from the crowded parts of India that many ex-pats can be found there enjoying life to the fullest.

Things Not To

Living in Goa India

Living in Goa is an interesting thing for those who seek a more peaceful vibe and atmosphere away from the crowded cities.

The state of Goa is well known as a tourism destination due to its highly preserved natural elements. It provides a decent living environment as well for foreigners. Just like any other place in the world. It has all the important things to pay attention to in terms of what to do and what not to do around. Understanding those things will greatly help anyone to enjoy a beautiful life in Goa.

Littering is an important thing not to do in the state of Goa. The beaches of Goa are very popular among tourists. They are very pristine with beautiful white sand all over the coastline. Helping the locals to keep the beaches beautiful and clean is a must for anyone who lives there. Preserving the beauty of Mother Nature is always a good idea, right?

Things Not To

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Being a popular tourist destination, partying is one of the few things that foreigners commonly do in Goa.

There are many places to do that too. There will certainly be a lot of booze around as well at any party. It is wise not to overdo it while enjoying a party. It means that anyone should just stay awake throughout the party. Never drink too much and be responsible if it is getting tougher to stay awake due to the drinks. Being drunk and getting involved in some problems either with the locals or the authorities will never be a good thing especially for a foreigner who stayed and lived in Goa.

For anyone who lives in Goa, traveling, and moving around from one place to another is a common thing. Be very cautious in this matter because it can be highly expensive. The idea to keep the transportation cost down is by skipping the three-wheeler taxis and the rickshaw wallahs. Both of them do not come with clear guidance of the tariff to pay to go from one place to another. Foreigners will certainly be asked to pay a lot of money when using either one of them. It is recommended to go for the bike taxis instead that are cheaper than the three-wheeled taxis. The better option is to get a motorcycle or car in the first place which will be a good investment for the long term.

Things Not To

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