The Exciting and Fun Activities in Goa

The Exciting and

The Exciting and Fun Activities in Goa. Regions in the western part of India are now starting to be visited by many tourists because they offer something different namely the hubbub on the north and calm on the south. Yes, their tourists can feel the sensation of staying in rural areas and luxury hotels. They just need to choose the desired vacation concept. There are a variety of exciting activities in Goa that can be done to make the vacation experience memorable.

Carnival Cave

Every year, you can see a colorful carnival in Goa. There will be thousands of people who will take to the streets of Panjim and transform into a pub party. The Carnival Cave will last for 4 days where there will be plenty of drinks and food.

Tour of the spice plantation

The other activities in Goa that can be done are to take a tour of the spice plantation. Tourists can see and observe directly vanilla beans and cardamom in the form of meat. Many other plants thrive and can only be found there.

The Exciting and

The Exciting and

Learn to play drums

Those of you who love hippy life and music can visit the Aramboi beach where there will be a group gathered in a circle and playing various musical instruments, including drums. You can also play, dance, or watch them play music.

Enjoy healthy poi and special foods

Do not be afraid of starvation when walking in Goa. Because besides the relatively cheap food, you can also find Poi bread sellers along the road.

Poi is a typical Goa food made from wheat and usually has contents. Apart from the roadside, you can also come to the Mapusa market to find the best Poi in Goa.

It is probable that tourists will be served healthy food because there is paradise. Tourists can sample a plate of organic Ayurvedic food, spicy specialties such as curries and sautées, as well as delicacies such as race omelets doused with chicken sauce.

The Exciting and

The Exciting and

Visit the Mapusa market

Tourists can visit Mapusa Market which provides various items. Ranging from saris, textiles, jewelry, to spices. The right time to visit the popular market is in the morning. Tourists can also hunt for unique souvenirs such as antique artifacts at affordable prices.

Kayaking on the River Spike

Having an adventurous spirit must always be channeled every time you travel to India. You who like watersports can try kayaking on the Spike river, North Goa. Mangroves on your left and right will add to the feel of the adventure getting thicker. If you’re lucky, you can also see various animals and plants typical of Goa, such as mud crabs, cranes, and others.

The Exciting and

The Exciting and

Enjoying Dudhsagar Waterfall

The meaning of Dudhsagar is a milk sea. This waterfall is placed in Goa with four levels. In this country, it includes the 4th biggest waterfall. During winter or rainy season is a good time for you to visit this wonderful waterfall. Then, you can enjoy the fall time. To enjoy it, you may go around the bridge by train in which the bridge extends rightly facing the waterfall. Besides that, it is the only site or way to enjoy Dudhsagar. However, there is also a recommendation for tourists to go along the line of the train from the station of Dudhsagar in which it is exactly perfectly dangerous.

Wow, are you ready to have those activities in Goa? Come to Goa and enjoy it!

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