5 Traditional and Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Anjuna Beach Market

Traveling and vacation seem not complete without shopping. Well, it doesn’t mean that you must buy expensive things in the destinations. Enjoying local handicrafts and food is enough and it can be a great experience. Sure, the same thing can be done in Goa, India. In this state, there are many streets and traditional markets with unique products. Sure, the prices are affordable as well. What are Street Markets to Visit in Goa? Check them out.

Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Anjuna Beach Market

Anjuna Beach has a flea market that is conducted every Wednesday. You can find many products there starting from clothes, accessories, home decorations, kitchen stuff, spices, and more. Even if you are interested to buy traditional handicrafts and musical instruments, they are all available. Enjoy also many typical foods of India there. All of them are offered at friendly prices.

Anjuna Beach Market

Anjuna Beach Market Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Tibetan Market, Baga Road

If you are about visiting Baga Beach, you should not miss this one out Yes, there is a market opened on Baga Road. Uniquely, the market is a specialist to sell products and handicrafts from Tibetan cultures. Unfortunately, this market is not opened every day. It is only from October to May. As information, men just love to visit Tibetan Market for numerous male products offered there.

Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Mapusa Fish Market

Different from other markets that are focused on selling handicrafts, accessories, and apparel, Mapusa is all about fish. Sure, the fish offered in this market are really fresh. The market is basically a place to distribute fishes and sea creatures directly from fishermen. Do you still look for clothes and souvenirs there? You should not worry, those products are still available although the number of sellers may not be as many as other markets.

Panjim Market

Some ingredients and spices of Goa may not be simply found in other areas. That’s why; you must go to Panjim Market to get them all. They are cashew nuts, instant curry pastes, and other spices available. The sellers still offer them very traditionally. The stalls are simply made from wooden tables that are arranged horizontally. Meanwhile, they protect their body with some umbrellas attached to the table.

Panjim Market

Panjim Market Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Arpora Night Market

If some markets only open in the morning, it is different from a market in Arpora. This market only opens at night and it is intended to serve tourists in Goa. The products to sell are various. They are not only apparels, jewelry, and accessories but also foods and drinks. Even unusual things like telescopes are also provided in some stalls.

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