Interesting Activities in Goa, India – Here is 5 of them

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In these recent 2 years, India is one of the countries to visit mostly by foreign tourists. Not only is it about practicing Yoga or visiting Taj Mahal, playing at, but there are also now many spots in the country that are really beautiful and unique. One of them is Goa, an area that is famous for its beautiful beach. At least, there are 5 Interesting Activities in Goa you can do while you are there. What are they?

Goa Carnival

Every year, you can enjoy a colorful carnival in Goa. There are thousands of people in rows while wearing stunning costumes on the road. They drive cars that have been modified very beautifully. The carnival is conducted in around 4 days. Interestingly, you can enjoy tasty typical foods and drink of Goa you may not find in other places.

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival – Interesting Activities in Goa

Learning Hippies Music Instrument

Hippies community is not only in the US or Europe only. You can find them in India with a little different look. The Indian hippies are gathered and forming a circle. They play various music instruments, modern and local. Sure, there will be some others who dance around just like what you see in Bollywood movies. So, are you interested to join them? It is very possible. You can even learn to play the instruments with them like a drum and others.

The Delicious Poi

Visiting Goa doesn’t require you to spend too much money. At least, there are indeed foods and handicrafts that are offered at cheap prices. You should not be afraid of starving while in the town. There are numerous Poi sellers to see around. Poi is a traditional food from Goa made from flour. Just like bread, it has a sweet filling inside.

The Delicious Poi

The Delicious Poi

Grand Floating Casino

If you have prepared more budgets for Goa, it is a good chance to enjoy this ride. It is named Grand Floating Casino, a luxury cruise that brings you to a river named Mandovi. Well, the ship itself is actually named Deltin Royale. But because there are so many interesting activities to do inside, including casino, it is called that way; Grand Floating Casino.


kayaking in Goa

kayaking in Goa – Interesting Activities in Goa

Water sports are also what make Goa more attractive. One of the water sports to do here is Kayaking in Spike River. The river is located in Northern Goa. It is surrounded by the magnificent landscape and mangrove forest here and there. If you are lucky, you can also see typical plants and animals of Goa like the mud crabs and storks.

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