Goa to Go: From Church to Night Flea Market

Goa to Go: From Church to

Goa to Go: From Church to Night Flea Market. When you are traveling to Goa, it’s easy for you to find some kind of closed store all around the street during the day. Well, in Goa, India, there are barely open stores from 1 pm to 5 pm. This place embraces the lifestyle of “susegad” around lunchtime and hides from hot heat during the day.

What is susegad by the way? It is from Portuguese term, “sossegado”, which means quiet, based on the people’s behavior there.  Goa, India, is a former Portuguese colony. That’s why you would find some people who even can speak Portuguese and have a passport as well.

In the scorching heat of the day, people in Goa just want to spend their time in shady places. When you hear about the summer, it’s all about the beaches, right? Yes, Goa is famous for its beaches. But for now, let’s see another reason why you should visit Goa, India.

Goa to Go

Goa to Go

Church and Cathedral

Located on the west coast of India, for about 451 years, the Portuguese colonized Goa. So, that’s why there are so many churches and cathedrals around this place. Unlike Mumbai, this place was so calm and composed during the day. You can enjoy religious tourism here.

The majority of people are Catholic. The church and the cathedral have their white European like architecture. People called it Rome in the West, because of the similar vibe they give.

There are so many churches here, for example, St. Cajetan Church in Goa Velha, St. Alex Church in Calangute, Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Old Goa, Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Panjim, Church of Holy Spirit in Margao, Mae De Deus Church, St. Michael’s Church and many more. All have their great and sophisticated architecture.

Goa to Go

Goa to Go

Night Flea Market

The night flea market is the popular spot to go when you visit Goa. You can find many souvenirs and try all kinds of specific delicacies here. You can enjoy a budget trip by buying street food.

One of the night markets you should go to is Arpora Night Market, North Goa. It opens every Saturday night and is full of any delicacies for your craving. Besides foods, there are also garments, souvenirs, spices, and many more. you can find live music concerts to party here as well. It is so crowded during the night.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar is also one of the best places to visit during the night at Baga, Goa. It is still less crowded from Arpora by the way but has a similar vibe, where you can find any kind of jewelry, clothing, delicacies, and of course live music. Same as Arpora, it is open during Saturday.

What’s the best time to visit Goa? It is from November to February because of the temperature. December is a popular one because of the festivals. Avoid visiting Goa in the monsoon season because all you have to see is rain. Avoid traveling during the summer as well because the humidity level will make you don’t want to leave the AC room.

Goa to Go

Goa to Go

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