Do You Intend to Visit Goa? Know the Unique Goa Facts!

Do You Intend to

Do You Intend to Visit Goa? Know the Unique Goa Facts!. You may have often heard about Goa, but, you may not know all about the unique Goa facts. It is one of the small states placed in India’s western region with a shoreline extending along the sea of Arabian. Goa is a very popular tourist destination in India. It has sandy beaches, lively nightlife, and world heritage architecture that attracts more than 2 million domestic and international tourists every year. So, before visiting Goa, let’s look at some interesting facts about Goa that will surely tempt you to visit this beautiful place.

Peaceful life

Satisfaction, silence, and peace of mind are things that arise repeatedly when talking to people from Goa – both those who live there and those who have moved.

If other cities in India are characterized by the sound of vehicle traffic and vehicle horns, in the cities and villages of Goa, what you hear is the clanging of church bells and the sound of bicycle bells that mark the time.

Do You Intend to

Do You Intend to

Residents are accustomed to getting up early

In Goa, it all starts with a nap, a necessity in an agrarian society where people wake up early to work in the fields or to catch fish for sale at the morning market. Along with work, they also learn to rest as needed, a balance that causes feelings of satisfaction.

Two Wheel Taxi

Goa is the only place in India where you can rent a two-wheeled taxi vehicle commonly known as a “Pilot”. This is basically a motorcycle.

In India, only in this city, you may ask a lift comfortably to a biker and of course, you need to pay the biker. You do not need to worry although the biker is stranger. Yeah, there are so many motorcycle taxis in Goa and all bikers will surely take their pillion to the destination safely.

Do You Intend to

Do You Intend to

Set wisely your visit time

During monsoon, Goa will be much prettier that is between June – September. It is because the countryside of Goa is green patchwork. How about October – March? Actually, those months are pleasant enough. But, you had better avoid visiting Goa between April – May. Those months are summertime. You will find the temperature up to 97°F (unholy 36°C). Of course, you will not be happy to do everything and decide to go back to a hotel room with fresh AC. Then, for most visitors, the most amazing month in Goa is in December. This month, you will celebrate New Year and also Christmas. Then, the 2 biggest music festivals of India also come in this month, they are Supersonic and Sunburn. Many festival-goers will come to the town. Wow, the trip will be challenging.

Do You Intend to

Do You Intend to

More than a thousand bars

You may have not known about this as one of the Goa facts. Although Goa is a small state, it has so many bars that will make you astounded. Totally, the bars are for 7000. And, most of those bars are permitted to provide alcohol. You should know that those numbers have not been totaled with bars not having a license to provide it. If you total the amount, you will be much more astounded.

Then, do you think that case makes Goa as India’s liquor Capital? It is not totally true. Goa is a destination for international tourists. This land has a super spirit and fantasy with freewheeling.

Actually, there are many unique Goa facts you haven’t known. Surely, if you know it at all, you will fall in love with Goa.

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