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5 Incredible Non-Beach Attractions in Goa to Visit

Goa in India is indeed well-known all around the world mainly because of its beach and parties. However, do you know that this place has some other attractions that are worth to visit? Different from some spots that are really rousing, some places below are quite quiet. Besides, they can improve your knowledge mainly about […]

Anjuna Beach Market

5 Traditional and Street Markets to Visit in Goa

Traveling and vacation seem not complete without shopping. Well, it doesn’t mean that you must buy expensive things in the destinations. Enjoying local handicrafts and food is enough and it can be a great experience. Sure, the same thing can be done in Goa, India. In this state, there are many streets and traditional markets […]

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Interesting Activities in Goa, India – Here is 5 of them

In these recent 2 years, India is one of the countries to visit mostly by foreign tourists. Not only is it about practicing Yoga or visiting Taj Mahal, playing at, but there are also now many spots in the country that are really beautiful and unique. One of them is Goa, an area that […]