5 Incredible Non-Beach Attractions in Goa to Visit

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Goa in India is indeed well-known all around the world mainly because of its beach and parties. However, do you know that this place has some other attractions that are worth to visit? Different from some spots that are really rousing, some places below are quite quiet. Besides, they can improve your knowledge mainly about cultures and history in India. Make sure to include them in your Goa itinerary.

The Basilicas of Bom Jesus and St. Francis Xavier

This is one of the oldest basilicas and churches in India by remembering that it has been established for 400 years. Based on history, the church was established during the Portuguese colonization. The two churches are placed next to each other. Therefore, you can visit them and play https://daduonline888.com at once. If you want to be there, make sure to wear modest clothes.

St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier  Non-Beach Attractions in Goa to Visit

Butterfly Conservatory

If you want to learn more about animals and nature, mainly butterfly, you should not miss this one out. In Goa’s Butterfly Conservatory, you can see many species of butterflies in various shapes and colors. Sure, there are all really beautiful. You can also watch their activities. Not only are those butterflies flying around, watch more closely how they collect nectar on flowers and plants.

Spice Plantations

India is also known for some kinds of rare spices. Sure, those spices may not be simply found in other countries. So, visiting the plantations is just worthy. The plantation is originally named Savoi. You can learn more about the typical spices in India that make their food taste more delicious. Interestingly, the scenery of this area is very beautiful also. Don’t forget to capture some photos.

Spice Plantations

Spice Plantations

Devil Canyon

Well, this area is still related to water but it is definitely not a beach. It is a canyon with a really wonderful but also creepy view. There are rocks floating around making it quite similar to the devil’s horns. More than that, the river is indeed really dangerous to swim. So, if you have a chance to go to this place, enjoying the scenery is enough, not splashing there.

Cabo de Rama

If you want to witness the Portuguese reign more in India, Cabo de Rama is the best choice. There are many chapels and barracks built during the colonization. Compared to other attractions above, this place is not really popular. But sure, it is very good to learn more about the history of this country. The landscape around is so stunning anyway.

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