5 Fascinating Water Sports to Do in Goa Waters

Visiting beaches in Goa seems not complete without doing water activities there. Sure, it is not only swimming or splashing; this state of India offers you many things to do. You even don’t need to be a professional to do the sports. The tools and equipment can be rented in stalls around the beach. So, Water Sports to Do in Goa Waters? Here is the list.

Water Sports to Do in Goa Waters


If you just want to have fun, this watersport is really worth a try. So, there is a board with some ropes. The ropes are used to protect yourself like the seatbelt. Meanwhile, another rope is to be bound into a ship that speeds up. You can sit down on the board while being pulled by the ship. You should not worry since this activity is very safe. Sure, it is as long as you obey all the instructions given.

Kneeboarding  Water Sports to Do in Goa Waters


If kneeboarding lets you challenge your adrenaline, this one is quite calm. Well, you can go kayaking in some beaches areas in Goa including Palolem Beach, Dona Paula Beach, and Hollant Beach. It depends on your want whether you want to speed it up or kayak it calmly while enjoying the stunning landscapes from the mangrove forest. You must wear a life jacket for your own safety. Besides, avoid kayaking during the rainy season.


Well, after kneeboarding, wakeboarding. In wakeboarding, you also need a board to be pulled by a ship. The only difference is your position in which you need to stand up on the board. Then, grab the rope tightly to avoid you being fallen down. To play this watersport, it needs practice and more experiences anyway. You can start it all with kneeboarding before trying this one.

Wakeboarding in Goa

Wakeboarding in Goa  Water Sports to Do in Goa Waters


Goa beaches directly faces the Arabian Sea, a sea that has good wind and waves. Therefore, it is really suitable to do activities like windsurfing The adventure level is still moderate so that you don’t need to be really experienced in it. Yes, you only must follow the instructions given. The best time of doing windsurfing is when the wind changes its direction. It is such a pleasure but also thrilling.


The ocean in Goa is gifted by really beautiful underwater scenery. Sure, you should not miss it out mainly if you are good enough in diving. You should not worry since diving in Goa is quite easy and not too dangerous. Even many beginners have proven that they can do it well.

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