5 Best Places to Get Parties in Goa, India

The Inconvenient Truth

Goa is probably the most popular town in India. Sure, it is known for its tourist objects including beaches in a coastline of 103 km. Aside from giving you a chance to see beautiful sceneries, Goa also has rousing nightlife. Many parties and events conducted in some areas including the beaches themselves. So, do you want to enjoy Goa at night? Here are some places to visit.


Vagator is a beach surrounded by hills. Well, the event is conducted not on the beach but on the hill anyway. There are open parties with DJ that lets everyone shakes their body. One of the clubs in Vagator that conduct non-stop party is Waters. It is placed next to one of the cliffs there. Of course, you can also see the beautiful landscape directly from the club.


Vagator  Parties in Goa


Ashwem is a spot in Goa that is famous for its white party conducted annually. The location is near Marbella Beach so that at the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery there. Moreover, this location is known also for its heavenly sunset view. So, if you want to feel the vibe of Ibiza in India, Ashwem is definitely the best choice.


Goa has some attractions outside the beaches. Some of them are Siwa and Curlies Valleys that are located side to side. Between those valleys, there is a popular beach namely Anjuna. While at noon it is full of visitors who enjoy sunbathing, at night, it is the real definition of party. The parties are commonly conducted on Tuesday. Besides, you can also gather with your friends while enjoying tasty drinks in a weekly event on Thursday.


Anjuna  Parties in Goa

Baga Beach

Goa and Baga Beach basically cannot be simply separated. Even the beach is known as the icon of Goa. It is the most popular beach with thousands of tourists to visit every year. Sure, you can play with water at noon. But at night, it is the party time. Many clubs are opened including Titos, Mambo’s Cafe, Cape Town Cafe, and more.


In the area of Palolem, there is a valley known as Leopard Valley. There are many big parties and events conducted. Interestingly, the visitors are not only from India but also many foreigners just love to go there. The most famous club is Silent Noise Club. Uniquely, the event in this club is namely the silent disco. Do you want to try it?

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