4 Fun Facts of Goa as a State in India

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Goa is a small state located in the western area of India. The coastline is long enough that faces the Arabian Ocean. Compared to other cities or towns in this country, it is indeed the most popular one. Moreover, it is if you are interested to enjoy beautiful landscapes and unique cultures at once. There are more than 2 millions of tourists to visit this place every year, whether it is local and foreign. Well, are you interested to visit Goa to spend your holiday? Make sure to learn about some facts below.

The Smallest State in India

Goa is often called as a city or town. But based on the law in India, this place is one of the Indian states. Uniquely, it is small enough and even the smallest one in India with the national road of only 75 miles. The number of citizens is also very few compared to other states. Well, it is by remembering that India is one of the countries with the biggest population in the world.

Olive Ridley Tortoise House

Goa is the second place after Orissa that is famous for the tortoise habitat. There are thousands of tortoises coming to this area to lay their eggs. Even a rare tortoise species is found here in a large number. Sure, the tourists can just watch the process reproduction of this animal. More importantly, you should not disturb its ecosystem like by throwing garbage not in the places.

Fun Facts of Goa

Fun Facts of Goa

The St. Tomb of St. Francis Xavier

India has some famous churches and basilicas aside from the fact that the majority of people are Hindu. Even there is the tomb of St. Francis Xavier the gospel propagator in this country, specifically in Goa. The body of the pope is not being buried just like others. It is simply placed in a box and it is not rotten at all. For many Christians, it is magical for sure.

Portuguese Cultures

Portuguese Cultures

Portuguese Cultures

Being colonized by Portuguese for many years make this state still applies its culture in their daily life. For example, they can have two passports; Portuguese and India at the same time. Besides, the uniforms of civil workers are also adapted from Portuguese traditional clothes. In terms of religion, there are many Christians in Goa as they are influenced by the country that had rained this area for around 4 centuries. The colonization had ended when the Indian military took over this area in 1961.

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